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aliases : Manage command aliases avatar : Get a user's avatar bad : No, bad! ban : Ban users bigtext : Generates text with regional indicators bigtextd : Same as bigtext, I also remove your command botlist : Get botlist from carbon channelinfo : Get information about a channel clean : I will delete my messages in the last 100 messages donators : List of people who help make Ayana possible f : F to pay respects flipcoin : Flip a coin help : Display this message info : Display bot information inu : random.dog invite : Have me join your server kick : Kick users lenny : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lennyd : Same as lenny, I also remove your command lewd : That's lewd! linkcheck : Uses www.getlinkinfo.com to check where a link redirects locale : Language settings interface modlog : ModLog settings interface music : Music player neko : random.cat pat : Pat perms : Permission control interface ping : Ping Pong pout : Pout prefix : Check the bot's prefix prune : Message pruning rank : Assign ranks from SAR reminder : Let me remind you role : Give, take and modify roles roleinfo : Get information about a role rolemembers : List the members of a role sar : Self assignable roles settings interface say : Have me say something sayd : Same as say, I also remove your command serverinfo : Get information about a server settings : Settings control interface shrug : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shrugd : Same as shrug, I also remove your command smug : Smug spongebob : No help defined sumfuk : u want, sum fuk? support : Invite link for the support server userinfo : Get information about a user waa : Gotta cry?